Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Tool #11: Self Assessment & Reflection

Favorite Tools...
As I reflected on my journey through 11 tools, I think my favorite tool was DropBox. I learned how to use this tool, as well as, how it applies to what I do in my position. I plan to use DropBox for photo documenting components of the One Way Dual Language Program. These pictures will be used for presentation purposes, and the entire department will be able to have access to this folder.

Transformed Thinking...
As leaders in staff development, it is our job to model, model, model! :) The more we model the "tech tools," the more teachers will be willing to try something new. My plan is to incorporate technology into my presentations, so that others will see me as a leader both in the area of bilingual/ESL and the area of technology!

Unexpected Outcomes...
One of the biggest aha's that I had in taking the 11 Tools course is that we do not have to know everything. Our students may know more than we do about how programs and tools work. That's okay! We need to let our kids take the lead if they know how to. In some ways, they may teach us! :)

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  1. LOL! I couldn't agree more - We can't know everything, who can? However, I DO enjoy learning new things! I'm always looking for new and innovative ways to help our students learn - there is so much more out there about the brain everyday! I love Dropbox as well! I great tool - I can hardly believe it is free!