Friday, April 27, 2012

Tool #10: Digital Citizenship

Students should know...
1) Being a good digital citizen means using "netiquette." Be polite.
2) A good digital citizen understands that there is a purpose for asking students to be safe.
3) Good digital citizens are empowered, able to access information, collaborate with others, and immerse themselves in topics of interest...safely.

Teaching digital citizenship should be taught to students so that students are aware of what to do and what not to do. I would first teach the topic of citizenship. Then I would move into how citizenship relates to technology and the internet. I would use the video on Atomic Learning called "Netiquette." It offers some good advice for do's and don'ts of using etiquette on the internet. It is a brief, very simple, easy to understand video that demonstrates how to behave responsibly on the internet. The video from BrainPop could also be shown to students and parents at Open House or Back to School Night so that parents are aware of safety issues and they can discuss this will their children. The acceptable use policy could be signed at this event.

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